Log Table

The log table contains time-series machine data. This table stores the data indefinitely. Each field contains its unique meaning. You can also search for data through the text field (varchar or text) and can perform statistical operations. In Machbase, a table basically indicates "log table". the features of the log table are as follows.

Hidden Time Column

In every log table, _arrival_time exists as a hidden column. This column is stored with the time when the record is created, and supports nano-unit accuracy.

Conventional database outputs data regardless of input order. However, Machbase displays the latest data first if no sorting options like ORDER BY clause is specified. You can check this through the _arrival_time column. The reason for this is that the latest data is deemed more important than the older data for log data.

Select Only after the Insertion

The log table of Machbase does not allow alterations. In other words, once the log data is stored in Machbase database, it cannot be altered, which supports data stability and integrity of the data at the engine level.

Limited Deletion Although Machbase does not allow alteration, it allows the deletion of data under some specific circumstances if necessary. However, data cannot be deleted randomly like the way traditional databases do. Data must be deleted from the oldest record in sequence order. By using this feature, data storage management can be easily done by deleting data periodically.

Unlike conventional database, Machbase provides not only LIKE function but also the search function based on text. This function is suitable for managing log data. It can be very meaningful and useful for business intelligence to search saved log data in specified range of time. Machbase allows to insert and search texts in real-time by providing real-time in verted index. Therefore, it can be very helpful to diagnose problems and provide solutions promptly.

Support Special Data Types

Machbase supports both IPv4 and IPv6. These are the systems of address on the network that most of log machine data are expressed. By using the data types, a specific address can be searched and extracted easily. In addition, you can search for and extract a part of specific address system by using extended syntax such as select from t1 where ipaddr = '192.168..*'. It provides a network operator, and you can verify a specific internet address is included in a specific range of the address.

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