Limited Use of CPU

Machbase generally uses the maximum number of CPUs in the server. If other applications are operating at the same time, it requires to restrict the number of CPU in order to prevent its performance being slow down. If you have to use a specific number of CPUs on embedded environments, refer to the instructions below.


This property specifies which CPU (nth) to be used first.
In general, system CPU ID starts from 0.


This property shows how many CPUs will be used after the CPU_AFFINIFY_BEGINI_ID.
CPU_AFFINITY_COUNT indicates how many CPUs will be used, including the first CPU ID. CPU_AFFINITY_BEGIN_ID indicates the first CPU ID that machbased will use.

Example of Settings

If there are 20 CPUs and you are going to use 3 of them from number 17, set the properties to:


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