Load Data

'Load Data' loads the csv file into Machbase.

The first line field of the csv file is automatically created as a VARCHAR (32767) type with the column name of the table without creating the table in advance. The data file path uses $ MACHBASE_HOME as the relative path. If it is in another directory, it should indicate the absolute path.

For more information on using LOAD DATA, refer to Import/Export page.

Note that you can use the SAVE DATA statement to save the SQL results as a csv file.

If you know the data type for each field in the csv file, you can create and load the table in advance.

When the file, 'load_sample.csv' is loaded with the table, 'load_sample' is automatically created.

Load Data

LOAD DATA INFILE 'sample/quickstart/load_sample.csv' INTO TABLE load_sample AUTO HEADUSE;

Check input data.

SELECT * FROM load_sample;

Using the sample file, you can do the following.

[mach@localhost ~]$ cd $MACHBASE_HOME/sample/quickstart
[mach@localhost ~]$ ls -l load_sample.csv
--r--- 1 root root 2827 2017-02-23 15:01 load_sample.csv

[mach@localhost ~]$ machsql
     Machbase Client Query Utility
     Release Version 3.5.0
     Copyright 2014, Machbase Inc. or its subsidiaries.
     All Rights Reserved
Machbase server address (Default: :
Machbase user ID  (Default:SYS)
Machbase User Password :

mach> LOAD DATA INFILE 'sample/quickstart/load_sample.csv' INTO TABLE load_sample AUTO HEADUSE;
50 row(s) loaded. Failed to load 0 row(s).
Elapsed time: 0.344
mach> DESC load_sample;
NAME                          TYPE                LENGTH
SENSOR_ID                     varchar             32767
EPOCH_TIME                    varchar             32767
E_YEAR                        varchar             32767
E_MONTH                       varchar             32767
E_DAY                         varchar             32767
E_HOUR                        varchar             32767
E_MINUTE                      varchar             32767
E_SECOND                      varchar             32767
VALUE                         varchar             32767
mach> SELECT COUNT(*) FROM load_sample;
[1] row(s) selected.
Elapsed time: 0.000

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