Machbase is a time series database which process large volumes of machine data, generated from various environments. It performs real-time data analysis. This columnar DBMS is optimized for fast time series data entry, analysis and search technology in real-time.

The explosion of data was going to be an issue in IoT world. Conventional DBMS’s have limitations to process this new type of data, time series data. Since this new type of data has its own characteristics (i.e., huge amount of data, Importance of newer data, its repetitive patterns, etc.), new architecture DBMS was needed. In the fall of 2013, a time series DBMS, Machbase was developed and designed to process this new machine data.

Machbase do not only store massive "Machine Data" in real-time generated from various environments, but also perform real-time data analysis. Machine data are the time serial log records generated from IoT devices including servers, network devices and applications which are releasing non-stop and real-time data on their status.

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